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Updated: Apr 20

The World's First Single Click Crypto Trading Solution

After years of development, a new Artificial Intelligence software has been developed that now makes crypto currency trading “1 Click” easy. If you can click a button, you can now trade cryptos.

Safer: Your funds ALWAYS stay in YOUR control.

Easier: 1 Click takes care of the buy and sell.

More Profitable: You keep 100% of your trading profits and you have the option to share us with others and earn even more. Get paid instantly in Bitcoin.

When you hear the “ping” make 1 CLICK to take the trade.

Unique Custom Designed Trading Signals with Single-Click Trailing Stop Loss.

  • Signals are produced 24/7 from our proven back-tested algorithms.

  • Unlimited upside trade potential with auto trailing stop-loss protection

  • No follow-up or tracking required. Take as many trades as you want.

  • You click the trades that you take at the amount you choose as a default.

  • All of the crypto stays in your trading account on the exchanges, we never touch it.

  • You keep ALL the profits you make on your trades.

  • There are no commissions or fees to pay.

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Receive 100 PUSD ($100) Free:

Pisces Dollar (PUSD) is an Ethereum Blockchain based Token for Use as a Stable Coin with US Dollar. Get 100 PUSD event ends in 5 days, Link for Sign Up: Click Here

Receive 1500 ATOMC ($340) Free:

This is an Airdrop Campaign in which absolutely every our partner can receive an award in ATOMC. In order to receive a reward for Airdrop, a participant needs to perform a series of simple actions. These are subscriptions to our and our partner's social networks. 10 ATOMC = 1 ATOM = 2.3$, Link for Sign Up: Click Here

Receive 50 cUSD ($50) Free:

cUSD is your digital money so people can live better lives. Almost fee free transactions, a decentralized network that is peer to peer. cUSD Currency is for everyone!, Link for Sign Up: Click Here


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