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Updated: Jun 14

Voomo - ETH smart contract Launching on 15th June

Voomo is the most innovative smart contract ever, what makes it unique are the multiple forms of income it has , you can earn from four different systems which will explain later investing just 0.1 eth. The system is developed in the Ethereum Blockchain therefore Voomo cannot be subject to changes and violations by hackers or somebody else. The program is open source and it can be read from whoever wants to verify the integrity of the project. Voomo has the aim of making possible an economic growth directly proportional to the given commitment and also allowing those who cannot create their own structure to be part of a global system that will bring them a lifetime income..

Smart Contract Explained :

A smart contract is a self-executing contract with the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller being directly written into lines of code. The code and the agreements contained therein exist across a distributed, decentralized blockchain network. The code controls the execution, and transactions are trackable and irreversible. Smart contracts permit trusted transactions and agreements to be carried out among disparate, anonymous parties without the need for a central authority, legal system, or external enforcement mechanism.Unlimited upside trade potential with auto trailing stop-loss protection.

How Can I Register ?

Join Voomo it’s very simple, you need to create an Ethereum wallet by one of these apps Coinbase wallet, Metamask and Trust wallet easy to download in the appropriate app stores or browsers. After creating your own wallet you need to go in the log in/register page subsequently it’s needed to confirm the transaction on your Ethereum wallet then your signing up will be done.

How the Multiple Earning Works?

Voomo has four forms of economic growth that work concurrently. Before the explanation you need to know that the system divided the investment of 0.1 Eth in four equal parts, the first go to the Manual X3, the second to the Manual X4, the third to the Auto X3 and the fourth to the Auto X4. The latest will be accessible just to who brought at least one referral, if you still brought no one the smart contract will keep the half part of the investment necessary to join the Auto X3 and X4 and it will create a position in the latter when you bring one referral.

Earnings - X3 Manual :

This system allows you to create an own structure based on your ability to bring referrals with your personal link [pay attention each referral brought is distributed in all the four systems in Voomo], the matrix permit you to insert just three referrals on your first and only line, as well:“personal line” these users will permit you to increase your level and your earnings determined by the earnings table. How the level up and the earnings works? Easy, two of these three users permit you to receive directly into your wallet the earnings of the corresponding level in which you are, the third one enable your account to renew the amount of the current level, which create a passive income for your up lines, of course you will reach this passive income too thanks to your down lines. Another feature of the “MANUAL X3 ” is the possibility to buy in chronological order the levels as you want.

Earnings - X4 Manual :

In this matrix you need to bring just two referrals which are placed in your first line, these two referrals will lead in turn other two referrals each for themselves, the latter will be for you the second line, how the level up and earnings work? Your first line will pay the earnings of your up line and in the second line you will have four people, three of them will gives to you the earnings determined from the corresponding level in which you are placed and the fourth and last one will be the renew of the current level which go to your up line to make possible the passive income, you will benefit on this passive income too thanks to your down lines. Another feature is the possibility to buy in chronological order the levels as you want.

Earnings - X3 Automatic :

The Automatic X3 was designed for people who want to make money but can’t manage to make a significant profit on their own. This matrix work with an Unique referral link this mean that everyone which join Voomo will be filled in a chronological order and everybody will benefit from all the users, the structure of “ AUTO X3 ” is the same of the “MANUAL X3” the only thing that change is that you can not buy the levels as you want. Under your account you will have three referrals, two of them permit your account to level up automatically and the third one will be the renew and the passive income of your up line. You will achieve this passive income thanks to your down lines.

Earnings - X4 Automatic :

This system is automated like the AUTO X 3 and the operation is the same of the “MANUAL X 4 The level up is automatic and it occur when your structure is completed so when you have two people in the first line and four in the second, the latter will make possible the auto upgrade and the income at the same time, how? Simple two referrals of your second line allow your account to level up automatically thanks to the auto upgrade system, the third send directly to your wallet the corresponding profits of the level in which you are and the fourth and last one will gives the passive income to your up line and you will benefit on this passive income thanks to your down lines.


This feature permit to your account to gain referrals from your up lines and give partners to your down lines. Example if your up line bring more people than needed to complete his personal line in the Manual X3 and X4, these more partners are filled under you and become your direct referrals.

Renew X3 - X4 Manual System:

In the Manual X3 and Auto X3 the renew occur when: the third referral complete your personal line, the latter will be your renew which go to your direct up line , you will receive the renew when your third referral complete his personal line.

Renew X3 - X4 Automatic System :

In the Manual X4 and Auto X4 the renew occur when: the fourth and last referral in your second personal line take place, it will be the your renew which will go to your direct up line, you will receive the renew from your down lines when your fourth referral in the second personal line will have his structure X4 completed.

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