Benefits Of Therapeutic Stenopeic Glasses Unisex Eyewear

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Eye Care Therapy is a therapeutic stenopeic eye wear suggested for vision improvement/ improving refractive errors.

Refractive Errors:

A refractive error is a very common eye disorder. It occurs when the eye cannot clearly focus the images. The shape of the eye prevents light from focusing directly on the retina. The length of the eyeball (longer or shorter), changes in the shape of the cornea, or aging of the lens can cause refractive errors.The result of refractive errors is blurred vision, which is sometimes so severe that it causes visual impairment.

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How do therapeutic Stenopeic glasses work?

Stenopeic glasses will help to focus the light on the lens and will make eye muscles

responsible for adjusting the lens work harder and pull the lens in the correct

direction. Each minute hole on the glasses allows only a narrow beam of light to

reach the eye.


  • Helps to rid of prescription glasses

  • Help to gradually reduce dependency on glasses

  • Same pair can be used for longsighted and shortsightedness

  • Natural method

  • Non intrusive

  • Less expensive

  • Unisex - For Age Group

  • Simple and inexpensive solution for reading or other close work(old age blur)

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